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Economics of Disintegration: Sanctions, trade wars and political tensions

Julian Hinz Last updated on April 24, 2024

General Information


There will probably be three sessions: One on modalities, the other two with presentations.


The first session will take place in early November. The other two presentations will take place in January/February. Details follow.


To be announced.

List of papers

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  • “International Isolation and Regional Inequality: Evidence from Sanctions on North Korea,” Yong Suk Lee. Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 103, 2018. Link to paper
  • “Bearing the cost of politics: Consumer prices and welfare in Russia,” Julian Hinz and Evgenii Monastyrenko. Journal of International Economics, Volume 137, July 2022. Link to paper
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  • “lluminating the Effects of the US-China Tariff War on Chinas Economy,” Davin Chor and Bingjing Li.NBER WORKING PAPER 29349, October 2021. Link to paper
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